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Digital Brochures


Have you ever wanted to send a brochure or product flier through the Internet? Now you can, and besides brochures, you can send forms, proposals, newsletters, even movies. And whatever you send gets there looking like the original!

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is a compact file that can be read by the free Acrobat Reader, which presently is used by millions of people worldwide. PDF files are cross- platform and can be printed on any printer. Besides attaching PDFs to email, you can post them on your web site or distribute them on floppies or CD-ROMs.

Interactive CD-ROMs & e Catalogue

Even with the new marketing technologies available today, Interactive CD ROMs remain a constant in effective marketing presentations which can be delivered by mail, in person and at trade shows. Telling the story of your products or company with the use of the right images, animation and sounds can make a huge impact.

Penavision Infotech can help you tell the story with an Interactive CD presentation – combining imagery, animation and sounds and allowing user interaction – creating compelling content the will drive users back to your company.

From authoring, to designing, to cover design, to inserting the CD’s into jewel trays, shrink wrapping and shipping, Penavision Infotech can take care of it for you.