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Web Seo

Search Engine Management

Marketing our customer’s brand and identity is an important goal at Penavision Infotech. Several of our latest marketing services have involved Search Engine Management. These service work in conjunction with a company’s existing marketing strategy and can be segmented and recorded to analyze the results at each step. Our marketing solutions empower our customers to track the results during each step of the process and check the return.

Search Engine Reporting

Search Engine Reporting analyzes how your Web Site is performing on the search engines, its ranking relative to predefined keywords, the number of links to your web site, and your competitor sites.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) is the process of designing, writing and coding the web pages for entire Web Site, so you have your company’s web pages appear at the top of search engine rankings when queries for selected keywords are performed. SEO refers to techniques used to achieve high rankings in search results of search engines for keywords and phrases that are appropriate e to a website’s content and purpose.

Penavision Infotech specializes in the optimization of websites in competitive markets We can optimize any Web Page or website from flash, frames, to dynamically generated sites. Our services gets search engine positioning to the best keywords to drive relevant traffic to your site via the major search engines and directories. In short we help create a strategy for maximum Internet penetration